Master Section Problem

Well not a problem with the master section, more a problem of me not being able to work out what I have a feeling is going to be very obvious.

I started a montgage with an 8 channel master section then quickly realised what I was wanting to achieve was not possible, so I set about changing the master section back to 2 channel.

How is this done? I just cant see it, I though it would revert to two when I disabled 6 of the 8 outputs but no. It’s doing no harm except cluttering up my workspace with all the extra metering etc that no longer needed.


Under edit/Audio Montage Properties it says stereo CD compatable, but the master section is 8 channel as set up originally, ie multi channel free configuration. However changing to multi channel free configuration in edit/Audio Montage Properties and back to stereo CD compatable solves the problem. Another one to add to the list Phillipe, sorry.

The Master Section channels change when you play another file, or when another another file has the focus, and you press the Rearrange button, at the top of the Master Section (button with 3 vertical lines).

I pressed the 3 lines button many time, even though I wasn’t sure what it’s function was. No worries, I know how to work around it now.

This button sets the Master Section input according to the number of channels of the active audio document. Something that happens also when you start playback.