Master Section problems with audio montage

I’ve been creating audio montages for each song, opening and closing sessions with everything ok, but now when I open the session, the master section is not available anymore. What could happen?

You need to have the following option set. If you rely on important Master Section presets, you should also explicitly save them under a name, for easier later retrieval.


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If you are working in a Montage … it is also a good idea to copy/load the master section plugins to the relevant montage … the ‘star’ in the effects section. This ensures that the Montage will always open with the correct and relevant plugins.
Montage Effects Star

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I undestand how to do it that. But why is not working now like before? Normally I did not save the master section, and all I did was in every session.

Thank you! I will do that. My problem now is how to recover the work done in this sessions. I now open the session and nothing in the master section. Yesterday was working perfectly and then not.