Master Section tab change

Using Wavelab 10.0.70 in my experience you can’t change tab in Master Section. As you can see, although UAD Oxford Limiter was selected (in blue in the middle), the active tab is still the first one (UAD Manley)

Is this problem related to Big Sur only?

Do you experience this behaviour with different version of Mac OS X?

@PG1 , would you please help me, is this a bug in Wavelab 10 or it is something that related to Big Sur and we have to wait for an OS upgrade?

Do you mean, clicking on tabs does not work, or once in a while?
This is indeed a problem on certain BigSur configs, but not all. There should be a solution in September.
Currently, you should click on the Master Section slots.

Thanks PG!

Hi @PG1 ,

September is over and there is no update for Wavelab 10. There are some bugs which would be nice to be repaired, this master section tab change and the CD montage issue I have reported earlier in a different topic. Are you planning to repair these errors in version 10 or they are corrected only in version 11?

Sorry, there is no update planned for WaveLab 10.
The next update is for WaveLab 11.0.10, normally next week, and I think you will be shortly able to try a demo if you like.

Hi @PG1 ,

Ok, and have these issues been corrected in version 11?

This issue is solved, even in 11.0.0: “clicking on tabs does not work, or once in a while”