Master Title Page amendments

I have designed a master title page to use with my arrangements. I do the arrangement under another name then load the master page as a new project and import the arrangement as a flow(S) into the title page and re-save the combined document under the original arrangement name.

This seems to work well except for the fact that I cannot amend the fields in the title page either in the stand alone original or when it has been incorporated into the final document. Either some glitch has occurred in the past or I am doing something fundamentally wrong. Any pointers to solve my problem would be appreciated.
Master Title (418 KB)

Your Title Master Page correctly uses the Project Info tokens, as follows:

You need to go to Project Info (which can be found in the bottom corner of Setup mode, or from the File menu in any mode, or from a custom keyboard shortcut), then use the dropdown at the top to navigate to “Project”, then replace the relevant text.

I suspect you were trying to override each individual frame on the actual page, which is possible but difficult: you need to be in Engrave mode, select the Frames submode in the left panel, and then you need to select the border of the relevant text frame. Because all of your text frames overlap this is challenging (I recommend grabbing the left or right sides). Then hit Enter to edit.

Anyway, you’ve set it up to use Project Info tokens, and that’s the most efficient way to do it, so forget the previous paragraph!

Thanks for your reply Pianoleo. I was aware of most of your points, but the trick I missed was selecting the frame I wanted to change and PRESSING ENTER to allow me to change the text. No doubt it’s in the literature somewhere but I hadn’t seen it.