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I’ve finished my score and ready to print but I don’t have a title page or instrument list. Online forums are talking about a “master page” but I don’t have any master page options on my Pages panel, in the Pages settings, or in my help box.

I added two blank pages at the beginning of my score but there’s no way to automatically insert the title on the first one and the instrument list on the second, that I can see. Again, no master page options anywhere.

Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Which version of Dorico?

The “master page” options are normally used for pages which contain music staves. If you added a couple of leading blank pages while in ‘Engrave’ mode, you would then add text frames (shown on the left) to them. Next, double click within a text frame to begin adding text. If you right-click while in text editing mode, a contextual menu will appear which will allow you to use macros for things like titles, flow titles, players, and so on.

Good luck.

Dorico Pro4

Thank you!! That worked

OK. Dorico terminology has changed with the versions. What used to be Master Pages are now Page Templates.

You need to create a Page Template for each of your Title Page and your Instruments List Page. Then insert those as Page Template changes before your first page of music.

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I see this option now in the Pages section. Thanks.

You are better off not adding Blank pages, which causes overrides (little red triangles in the corner of the the page icons in Engrave mode).

Once you have created title page template(s), simply apply it or them to the first page of music, and Dorico will automatically shift the music to a later page.

I was wondering what those little red triangles were. I guess I did a bit of a workaround this time but now with everyone’s advice, next time I can do it the right way. Thank you!

I think whether to have a page template for a Title page and inner notes is a tossup, decision wise, unless you are a fulltime professional music wrangler and have a standardized house Title page layout.

The red triangle doesn’t really equate to anything more significant than to indicate that you’ve overridden the main page layout template, which is a perfectly reasonable thing to do for a Title page.

Often, the title/notes pages will use lowercase roman numerals and the first page with staves then starts with Arabic page number 1. This is easy to do in Dorico - and that renumbered page will show a pink triangle. Nothing to worry about.

It makes much more sense to use page templates: you might want to use the same title page for multiple parts or different score variants.
In the end, it’s the same amount of work with much higher gain afterwards.