Master track audio level indicator with Arduino


Is it possible to do this with Cubase:

I would like to make a audio level indicator which responds to Cubase’s master tracks volume level (just like in normal mixer)? I would like to make an audio level indicator with leds and Arduino, but don’t know how to set-up the Cubase to send the master track’s volue data.

, Pete.


You can use MIDI Remote and send the value out.

Thanks for the reply! Please, could you give me more info about this MIDI remote? How to set up cubase with midi remote to send master track volume data? This is new to me in Cubase.


I found this setup in Cubase…Is this how it’s done?


No, this is Generic Remote and the Volume Fader.

Aah, ok. Help needed! :thinking:

Here we go again! Is this right now? Or is this done via Generic Remote?

It is still generic remote. Not MIDI Remote.

Which Cubase version?

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If you want to stay with Generic Remote, select:
Fader 1 | Mixer | Stereo Out | Meter All

Or use the MIDI Remote, which I would strongly recommend.

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Thanks, Martin.

I’m using Cubase 11 pro. Ok, so Meter All.

I have to test this now and learn how to use MIDI remote also. I thought the MIDI remote is the same thing as Generic remote…

I have

MIDI Remote was introduced in Cubase 12.

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Ahaa, so that explains! Thanks for the info! But I could stay with the Generic Remote with Meter All-selected…