Master track insert fx

Is there a quick way to get to the master track inserts? I find it frustrating when going between the inserts on the master track and tweaking them and every time you close one you got back to the timeline and then have to press mixer scroll along it and then press the e button.

If there’s not an easier way then any chance you add to the list for either a master track e button up the top or so that when you close a mixer insert it stays on the mixer view and doesn’t go back to the timeline?

Thanks and I’m really looking forward to the next update I’ve you mention in another thread :slight_smile: fingers are crossed for the edit velocity during playback bug being fixed

Hi Extnctn6,

Thanks for your message.

The master effects are accessible through the mixer only, unfortunately.
I will make sure to add a usability story entry to our backlog.

It will not take too long to the next update.
“CB-3963 Velocity changes to be audible immediately” will be included…


Lars you are an absolute gent :slight_smile: