Master volume control on ONLY ch 1/2

How do I get the master volume control to only adjust volume on channel 1/2? I have ch 3/4 connected to a headphone amp and must have a fixed output there. I can adjust the volume individually within the MR mixer, but I would like to use my knob for what it’s worth.

This seems like a fairly basic feature so I’m sure it’s a pretty simple solution, so please excuse my ignorance… :unamused:

edit I don’t use cubase. :wink:

Yeah, that would be a great “feature”. That is my main gripe with the MR816. On the new UR824 you can assign this.

So it’s not possible? Wow, that’s strange…

Maybe I’m not on the same page, but I just got a Mackie MCU and the master fader controls MR816CSX Out-1/2 right out of the box.

the OP want’s the master volume knob NOT to work on ALL outputs which unfortunately it does.