HI all,

First post on Steinberg’s forum. I have been using Cubase for years and made the switch to 7 a few months ago. Loving it.

So my issue is that when I load up a plugin, from time to time the output is normal at first, then after 5 seconds or so it turns completely off. Then I turn it back up, and it’ll be normal for maybe 8 seconds, then turns off again. Turn it back up, good for 2 seconds before tuning off. It’s random. And I can actually see the Output knob (or slider) tuning off in the plugin window. There is no MIDI learn involved when this happens.

If I load up a TRACK preset that uses the VST I want to work in (not a patch preset on the plugin itself) it seems to be okay…

I first noticed this issue in Zebra2, then it happened again just now but for my Groove Agent One. I figured it must be something weird with Zebra, but then when it happened to Groove Agent I really got confused; since it’s an on-board plugin. So I searched the internet and found nothing on it.

Any help would be much appreciated!