mastering dance music

hi,i was thinking of purchasing slate digital fg-x for using as a mastering tool.i produce dance music.
Has anyone any experience of it in this style of music?
any advice would be good.

Hi… Can’t peak for the Slate stuff but I recently tried the Izotope Ozone 5 mastering product and love it. It is really great. I also discovered that using Ozone can make good mixes great and bad mixes even worse which forces a complete re-think about the construction of the original mix. So it is as much a ‘mix validation’ tool as an enhancer. In any event, I highly recommend checking out the trial version… Oh… also… If you do try Ozone check out the ‘IRC III’ option on the ‘Maximizer’ screen… Quite amazing…

Cubase 7.5’s mastering template, channel strips and Native instruments products are more than enough for me. Also wavelab will do a great job :slight_smile:

Sausage Fattener :wink: