Mastering in Cubase. Ozone V Cubase Plugs

I’m interested to know peoples opinions on mastering. I’m at the stage where i would like to learn to master my own tracks. Do you master with Cubase stock plugins, or third party (including ozone), and why?

I have mastered almost all of my studios output for the last 25 years or so and master for a largish number of artists and record companies. I generally use Cubase as my main tool of choice. I use a mixture of stock and 3rd party vsts. Frequency for example, especially now it is dynamic is a fantastic, forensic EQ. But of course I don’t limit myself to stock solutions and there are some things that Cubase doesn’t cover, particularly in restoration. There is no stock equivalent to Aphex for example.

Every job and genre is different, so there is no specific list of tools I would use. In the end it comes down to personal choice, tried and trusted plugs and of course hit rate and repeat business.

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