Mastering plugins settings save

After mastering and rendering a track with several plugins open in Wavelab 9.5, I want to go back and tweak the mix, then re-run it through the same mastering settings. Is it possible that all the plugins and settings can be saved with the rendering process? If so, does anyone know how?

It sounds like you’re using the Master Section for inserting plugins which can be saved, but it’s a separate step and doesn’t work like a traditional DAW as you’d expect.

I always suggest working in an Audio Montage and saving the montage file which saves all plugins settings as well as everything else all in one file. I don’t use the Master Section at all.

You can find out more about the Audio Editor vs. Audio Montage here:

There are more videos here:

There is not enough info about how you are working in WaveLab to provide more specific help.

Thank you for that. I have only ever used montages for compiling albums… I’ll investigate. Thanks again. John.

The montage can be used for mastering singles too and I only use the montage when mastering, never the Audio Editor. This way, every single setting you’d care about is saved inside the montage, including Clip FX, Track FX, and Montage Output FX. I only use the Audio Editor to listen to files either before or after mastering for any issues.

That being said, you can save the Master Section settings for an audio file in the Audio Editor. I also cover it a little in this video: