Mastering question for GURU

Just trying different stuff here . need a guru opinion?
I’ve mixed down a 18track song to stereo.
Is it better to ad these as fx channels and work with them this way as sends?
Or insert them into master channel?

  1. Paragraphic Equalizer
  2. Mastering Reverb
  3. Multiband Dynamics
  4. Multiband Harmonic Exciter
  5. Multiband Stereo Imaging
  6. Loudness Maximizer

And Is it best to use a limiter or maximizer at tail end?
Thanks in advance…

All the processes you describe are basically through processing probably even more so in your context.

So inserts would be the norm.

Effects that ride the signal like reverb and delay, etc. should be used on sends so you can control the level. Effects that change the signal like EQ’s and compression, etc. should be on inserts.

thank you genitals have a great weekend