Mastering question


go a question regarding mastering.

In this case I am doing STEM mastering. So I typically have the following tracks.

  1. Kick
  2. Snare
  3. Percussion
  4. Bass
  5. Keys
  6. Guitars
  7. FX

These 7 tracks are routed to a group channel called “MAIN OUT”. This is were I am doing the mastering, adding all the effects etc.

The MAIN OUT channel is routed to “Stereo Out”.

So to my question. When listening to references I am approximately 4-5 dB LUFS (Short term) from the reference tracks. 2 of the reference tracks I used was at appr. -7dB LUFS and my track is at -11dB LUFS (And this without clipping in the “Stereo Out” channel.

If I raise the volume on my limiter in “MAIN OUT” so that I get appr -8dB LUFS I am still not clipping on my “MAIN OUT” track but I will do that on the Stereo out.

So to my question.

  1. Is it wrong to turn up the volume on my limiter to get closer to -7dB LUFS with the “Stereo out” clipping? When I export the track I am exporting “MAIN OUT” and not “Stereo out”.

  2. Any thoughts on how to get closer to the -7dB LUFS that many songs seem to be at these days.
    (I am aware of gain staging before exporting the mixed tracks. And the headroom etc. but I just seem not to be able to get that -7dB LUFS without sounding distorted). I am also usein SIR Audios StandardClip in my master track to cut the peaks.



ok. the limiter is set to provide a digital ceiling above which audio can not go.

its a maximum volume regulator. to get higher level audio out you need to gain up the input trim to the limiter.

ie more signal in. the limiter will still stop it going over zero any way, but the end result will be louder in LUFS.

if the input signal is very low then its hard to get hi level out.

hope that helps. Spaceman 56