Mastering question

Hi there.
A newbie question about Mastering, but first some background…

Software - Cubase Pro 10.5 on Windows 10 with stock plug ins; AmpliTube4; Superior Drummer 3
Project - 10 tracks. 3 “Intros” (orchestral samples + some clean guitar) and 7 Heavy Metal songs.
All tracks have some slight compression on them (~2-3dB reduction; 30ms Attack; 4:1 Ratio; Auto release) and added EQ to “brighten up” if and when needed on the master bus.
Recording and mix are not mine, I just been asked to try and master it.

How do you approach the Mastering? Do you load all 10 tracks into new project and treat it as one “track” or treat each single track separately and then try to “glue” everything together at the end?
What would be the better way?

  1. Disregard the EQ and compression on Master Bus and re-do it on mixed down track?
  2. Keep the EQ and Compression but then what? Add more EQ and compression to glue everything together?
  3. Treat each one of the tracks separately or keep it all together as one piece?

What would be the best plug ins (within Cubase Pro) for Mastering and what types of plug ins to use?


Mastering is an art of it’s own and how to master very much will be determined by how the track is mixed to before the mastering process starts.

my mastering chain would most likely contain plugins for stereo field, multiband, EQ, saturation/tape, maximizer and limiter. and how much every plugin would be driven or tweaked all depends on the original material.

if you have a specific sound in mind you might wanna find a way to A/B your mixes and try to simulate that sound from your favorite tracks

I think you must have a good mixdown (to your ears). Then I suggest to use a mastering SW like Wavelab. I completely
agree with Glenn, mastering is a art of it’s own.
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I thought it won’t be just “slap an EQ on it and you’ll be fine”. I’ll read up more on the topic.
Thanks for suggestions. :slight_smile:

Along with what fellows said you need a good room acoustic, Though not necessary for a successful mastering session, reference tracks are absolutely helpful in the mastering. I guess you can get WL elements for a month trial. If you insist in mastering inside Cubase, preview few of the lessons:

There are few other things to consider including

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