Mastering Simply/basic, help!

Please can anyone tell me if what i’m doing is correct when i’ve finished a song in cubase and ready to master? in cubase 6 I get each level as high as I can then set the master level so it occasionally flashes red, then in wavelab 7 set the master level so it is flashing red a bit more often than when it was in cubase. Is that gunna get me the best sound for loudness/bigness? (for a beginer) also are there any effects i should use in wavelab? and should I make it more in the red in wavelab because it makes it louder and dosn’t seem to be distorted. Its electronica I am making. any help would be greatly appreciated : )

No. Flashing red could be no problem, but at all times you should stay below 0 dB. There are better (or worse, depending on loudness standpoint) ways to achieve what you want. Look into maximizing, compression and limiting to find the right plugins - also look for ‘Loudness War’ on YouTube to get the right perspective.

Occasionally? Sounds like you need to make friends with the limiter!

Cool thanks for that, info I needed :smiley: