Mastering using Cubase 5:Creating "No-silence break" tracks


Someone kindly give me tips on how to master using Cubase 5 and Windows Media Player in creating an AUDIO CD that does not have the usual 1-2 sec breaks between the songs. I just want to create a smooth play from track to track without a silence but must have tracks.

I use Windows Media Player to create the AUDIO CD of the tracks I tightly merged in between in Cubase but cannot seem to maintain that smooth play without breaks after burning on to CD with Windows Media Player.It is as if Windows Media Player creates those 1-2sec breaks even if I mastered a “smooth play” in between tracks in Cubase.

If someone knows the any free mastering software that can administer such a technique in creating an Audio CD, please do suggest.



How are you making the CD?

Have you put all the songs into Cubase and rendered as one large track? or are you trying to get wmp to join the tracks?

Thanks Split,(last seen your posts in the old…I hope you are ok.

I export them one by one and attempt to burn them. I do them in mp3 format.

Please help.


Hi Tshepo, thanks i’m good.

First if you’re going to make an audio CD you would probably be better to export down at 16bit 44.1Khz rather than MP3.

I don’t think WMP can create Audio CD’s without the standard 2 second gap between songs. The only way I can see it working is if you put all your tracks into Cubase then export them as one file then burn the CD, the only problem with that is you wont get any Track Markers between songs.

Maybe someone else can point you to some free software that can compile CD tracks with track markers.

This may help you…

Nice one, didn’t know that WMP could create gap less audio CD’s but then I never use it!!!

Nero has the option to raise or lower time in between tracks. gd luck