Mastering (WaveLab or Cubase?)


I’m hesitating to purchase WaveLab Pro 11.2 Elements tomorrow or an other VST for my project.
Is WaveLab a must for mastering compared to Cubase Pro 12 mastering features?
I had the occasion to try out WaveLab on a lost Element license and I found it really powerfull and usefull.


I’ve never used Elements and don’t know the differences, so take this with a grain of salt, especially if I mention things that Elements doesn’t do.

If you’re mastering for its own sake including getting music ready for distribution (DDPs, metadata, etc.) especially for clients, I think WL Pro is at least among the best applications available.

If you’re just talking about the audio processing, especially for your own tracks, and intend to distribute them yourself or with an aggregator that requires metadata to be added separately, I think the benefits of WL Pro (or any mastering-focused DAW) might be lost on you. And it may not be worth the cost. Whatever DAW you’re mixing in can already do the audio processing you need to do if that describes you.

I have no idea what “mastering features” Cubase has - I’ve never really used it.

Compared to other mastering-focused DAWs, I definitely prefer WL to Samplitude/Seqoia - a lot of little things like metadata and setup are faster and easier for me in WL.

I also prefer WL to Studio One project mode, largely because the UI wastes a lot of space on things I don’t like.

I’m under the impression that Pyramix is just as good, but I haven’t used it.

I’ve never looked seriously at Sadie.

I think WL is much more straightforward than Reaper, which can do everything but isn’t at all friendly about it.

The only version of PT that I think is appropriate is Ultimate, which is insanely expensive for mastering considering that it basically doesn’t do metadata or DDPs at all and requires another application. IMHO, the only reason to use it for mastering is if you already own it and are transitioning out of being a mixing/tracking engineer.

I think WL is easier to work in than Hofa, but that’s probably down to preference.

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Thank you for your input.
I checked all what you mentioned and my choice came to Studio One which is a DAW a producer sound engineer friend uses with Logic Pro. Although I don’t have the saves for it right now so I’m trying out PT free trial.