Mastering - What's your approach?

you can get the k-meter here for free

2 really good links and for them I thank you very much. The Ozone guide to mastering looks really good and was bigger than I expected. I will also have a look at the thread you linked to. All good stuff!


This looks good and possibly is more versatile than what comes with Cubase. I have only glanced at the K meter functions in Cubase so I cannot comment much on it. Maybe I am wrong but it seems a shame Steiny did not make their K meter available for tracks as well. That is where this meter you posted the link to will come in handy.


Anyone read this book: Audio Mastering - Essential Practices
It can be found at Amazon:

If you have read the book, please let us know what you think of it. I put the book on order and it should be here by the weekend.


to start with ive found that the room where you mix is the most important along with good monitors .the room i have is a bit naff so i cant take it that serious , i think if you can get the mix as good as possible then there will be less headache later when trying to finish it off ,one thing you can do, which for me helps me with the limitations of my room is using a spectrum analyzer and take an average measurement for the whole track and making sure there is a good equal tonal balance ,you can take the measurment of a similar(in style)professionally recorded track and match it with your s visually and listening and see how close you are .
heres a good film about mixing ,its a bit long and ironically some of the audio is a bit muffled at times but it is old , never the less it`s a good watchand good tips.

Wait until you come acrosss EBU-R128. :laughing:

I was being somewhat humorous actually. EBU-R128, as I understand it, is really most applicable for visual soundtracks (movies, etc.). K-14 is still my scale of choice for strictly audio music.

Hi Larry,
I did a little reading on EBU-R128 since you mentioned it. Interesting but as you say I have run into much more that promotes the use of K-14 in the kind of work we are interested in. Do you use the K meter plug? I downloaded it but have not had a chance to use it yet.


sorry Larry must have been an english /american, you say tomato i say tomato,lets call the whole thing off moment. im a bit behind with cubase at the moment im still on 6.5 , i didn`t realise 7 had the EBU-R128 .

In looking at the EBU-R128 meter in Cubase and reading the manual it seems limited to the control room only. I do not at present use the control room much so that is new ground for me. Anyone know if that is for sure in that the EBU-R128 meter is a control room only feature?


No worries! And I’m on 6.5.2 so I didn’t get it with Cubase either. :smiley:

I use BlueCat’s Peak Meter Pro and FabFilter Pro-L, both of which have the entire set of K- scales in them.

No pun intended, I presume

:laughing: :mrgreen: