mastering with cubase plugins

what are peoples opinions on this ,i put an eq then the multiband compressor then the maximiser then the limiter in that order into the inserts of the stereo output channel and i was quite impressed with the results when mastering one of my tracks,what are peoples opinion on this as opposed to wavelab ,waves ,t-racks and so on.

Wavelab has better metering,
Has for example PQ editing, batch processing and redbook standard, IIRC etc.
If you have to master a whole album, Wavelab is also a better choice because of the workflow.

In a nutshell, Wavelab enables you to make a ready to publish redbook CD master.

If you distribute your music on the internet as wave or MP3 then Cubase can do the job.
Most native plugins from wavelab are the same as you will find in Cubase.

(Well not for WL7 I heard, it has new sonnox plugs, but you can purchase similar plugs for Cubase offcourse)

what do you mean by this, batch processing and redbook standard, IIRC .

If I remember (recall) correctly…


Batch Processing>


IIRC :blush: sorry typo, I meant ISRC:

PQ editing

You may just have hit on a very useful addition to wavelab… the IIRC button :mrgreen:

CTRL-Z :slight_smile:


thanks guys.