mastering wot bits?

Hi,i am mastering a dance track.when i do the audio mixdown it is set to 32bits., wav.
I was reading in a mastering tutorial,that if you want to burn to cd,it needs to be 16bit.
do i need to add the UV22HR plug in my master out and set it to 16bits? then at auido mixdown also 16 bits?

UV22HR is for dithering and won’t produce a 16 bit file itself, so you need to export as 16 bit, yes.

thanks for wot would be the circumstance for exporting at 32 or 24 bit.
if i export at 32 bit,or 24,and then burn to cd,wot would the problem be?

Your CD burning program may well complain that the file is unsuitable or if it doesn’t, severe truncation of the file.