AMD Phenom quad core 2.2 GHz processor
windows Vista
Cubase essential 4
Sony sound forge
EMU 1404 sound card
Tapco active monitors
Soundcraft EFX12 desk

I’ve some experience recording and mixing songs using drum machine, bass, guitar, vox which I’m quite happy with.
I now want to try some mastering! I know this is a very complex area, however I’ve done some reading up etc and just wanted some advice to extra on board kit/programmes I may need either VST or others. Please be gentle with me!


Aloha M,

To save some $$ just check out some free YouTube vids to get started.

After that check out the IK Multimedia site for some kool
(but paid) tutorials.


This place:

Good luck

I know this is a very complex area

Please be gentle with me!

With affordable software and the many free tutorials available today, folks seem to think (IMHO) that’s all that is needed. Not so I say!!! If you are serious about your project(s) for commercial release, then using a mastering facility that has both experience, the tools and more importantly a correctly tuned room in not an option but mandatory.
Just say’n…

Aloha T,

I took one of these on-line mastering courses and while
it was a great learning experience
what it really did was to make me realize that mastering
is something that I should not do.

It is art form all its own and will take
‘long-time’ to learn to do properly.