Can someone explain the diffrence between the L1, L2 and L3 ultramaximizer for mastering? Whos better for what…?

Easy - they are all dreadful things that should be recalled & broken up for scrap. :laughing:
If you want it louder, turn up the amplifier - it is why they were invented.

hehe and anyone else?

He’s not joking. If you think he’s joking then you have no idea what mastering is and should consider taking up another hobby. Even clipping sounds better than these digital chainsaws. My momma wouldn’t let me love her any more if I used a Maximiser.

Aloha h,

L2 & 3 have more features including their ‘special’ version of ‘look ahead’.

Both 2 &3 are helpful when dealing with more ‘complex’ tracks (orchestra/ensemble vs a single instrument/vox)

Oh yeah! They also cost more $$$.

I personally like the Waves ‘sound’ (clear/clean/shimmering) but there is other stuff that is also quite good
with nice ‘colour’ and cost a lot less.

Good Luck!

The echo wasn’t loud enough?

Gotta agree with Oedipus. These things are dreadful.