Masterpage with 2 flow titles


I need to create a masterpage where there is one flow right at the top and a second flow starts further down.
Now, since the @flowTtitle@ tag only refers to the first flow on a page, how do I get the title of the next flow into the secont title frame?

Thanks, E.

Use {@flow2title@} (where the number is the number of the flow you’re displaying there).

Well, this will always take flow number 2’s title…
I would like to find a dynamic “second flow on this page” solution.
If this doesn’t exist, I will need to create multiple masrerpages for all kinds of players…

It does not exist yet.

Thanks, Marc!
Just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss one or the other magic tag :wink:

I’d like to request a ‘flowlist’ to work the same as the playerlist.

The other thing I’ve asked before, is for flow attached tokens to be able to be centred on the page or system.

It seems to me that if one understands text frames, centering any token is a straightforward matter.

There was a discussion previously about flow attached tokens, so that flows could automatically show titles etc. even when they start on the same page as another flow. Automatically centring those in different layouts and parts is not straightforward.