Hi everyone

I have writen 2 pieces which I combine to 1 document.
So for the secind piece I have made a new Masterpage with Title and so on.
This Masterpage is based on the First masterpage.

But know when I change something in my “second” masterpage everything is changed also in the first masterpage and vis versa.
Is this normal , or do I somethimg wrong?



Yes, this is normal. Any Master page based on another master page will inherit changes from the first page. If you want frames not to inherit changes, then you must delete the frame in the second master and create it again.

OBviously, if you want a master page that looks exactly like an existing one, but isn’t linked, then you need to recreate the whole thing manually. I’m sure future versions will contain productivity improvements to the layout system.

If you base a Master Page on an existing Master Page, the existing frames remain linked. If you adjust their shape/size/contents, both Master Pages will update. Where you need a frame to be different, delete it and add a new frame - this frame will not be linked to the original Master Page.