Masterpages in parts

I am watching the video on Masterpages in Dorico.
On question on part layout: Doesn’t one need three different versions of Masterpages?
First = for the first Page of a part
Default = for the following pages of a part

Third = for following pages which start a new flow/movement

This (Third) Masterpage set
would have the instrument name centred,
would have a page number frame,
would not have the copyright frame at the bottom and
would also omit the composer/lyricist frames.
Does one have to do this all manually, or can one make a third set somehow?

I agree. Ideally this new flow masterpage could handle the case where new flows can share the page with existing flow. I remember Daniel writing they would try to handle that situation, but obviously it is not an easy thing to automate… Which does not seem to be the case with the beginning flow page you describe. Hopefully this improvement will come soon!


You make a good point for music that has multiple movements that you want to start a new page.

Yes, you have to do it manually, but you can do it with just a few clicks by basing the “New Mvt.” page on the “First” and deleting the copyright, composer and add the instrument and page number frames.

thank you musicmaven :slight_smile:
now if one could just copy and paste these frames…

Well if it ever comes, I think the ultimate would be that the relative position of the items is retained so that they would be pasted in the same relative place on the new page as it was on the original as a starting point. It would be a huge time-saver. :slight_smile:

You can already copy frames between pages: from page 92 of the Dorico 1.2 Version History:

Copying frames between pages.
When editing a pair of master pages, you can now copy the layout from the left-hand page to the right-hand page or vice versa by clicking the appropriate L→R or R←L button in the toolbar at the top of the master page editor.
Furthermore, you can also copy any selected frame or frames to other pages in your layout as follows:
• Enable the frame editing tool by clicking the switch at the top of the Frames section of the left-hand panel in Engrave mode.
• Select the frame or frames you want to copy to another page.
• Select the page or pages to which you want the selected frames to be copied in the Pages panel on the right-hand side. Select multiple pages using Ctrl+click.
• Right-click in the Pages panel to show the context menu, and choose Copy Selected Frames to Selected Pages.

thank you Daniel, a very useful tip.

How the #&^% did I miss this…? Thank you Daniel.

Yes - thanks! Page 92 of 1.2 Version History is a nice little easter egg!