Masterpages - Title page for 40 players? Global setting?

I am going to be using a lot of title pages for my score. As you will see by the end of this video, you have to manually apply this page to each player. I have over 40 players.

Is there now a global setting for this?

As far as I know, there is no global setting for this.

Could you make the Title page the “First” Master, without a Music Frame, and then get by with Flow Headings for the rest of the pages?

It’s my understanding that a master page will only ever be used automatically if it contains a music frame, Ben.

Ah: just a guess. :confused:

Suppose one created a one-measure flow to appear in a customized music frame solely like a logo on the title page to force that Master Page to appear. Might that work?

It might, but it would also reset any staff or note spacing adjustments that had been made on any following pages. Fine if you’re planning this stuff before tidying up the score and parts, but not much good if the title page is an afterthought.

I get the impression that afterthoughts can be expensive in Dorico (not that they are not in other programs, as in life :wink: ). It is important, as much as possible to follow the optimum Dorico workflow: input musical information first, then format.

I think that the next version of Dorico should automatically provide the title page by default.
To do it, the default master page set should also include “title” master page.

As far as I remember, there have been multiple requests on it, but do not know if Dorico developers will include it.