Masterrig Dyn. EQ Sidechain seems to have no effect

Using the sidechain feature in Masterrig.DynEQ, I found it has no effect. Going deeper in analysis I created a white noise clip, peroidically raising and descending level from -120 to 0dB and back. Running in loop, I notched out 10 KHz Q=20 by up to -120db by a cascade of Eqs in masterrig. Then I set side chain to lift 250Hz by triggering on (notched out) 10Khz, which worked perfect, despide if ACTIVE button was pressed or not. Now I wonder if the sidechain feature is just a fake with some nice parameters or what other could be wrong. Any idea?

WaveLab does not support side-chaining, apart with the dedicated Ducker plugin.
The plugin you mention, is shared with Cubase.

thanks for your reply.

But not sure, as it is explicit explained in official wahevelab manual. I cannot find a hind, that side chaining is dedicated to cubase.

Where’s the English version of that?

Nevermind, got it. Just changed the de to en in the link: