MasterRig is missing from new install of WL 11

I installed WL 11 earlier today. MasterRig is missing. I have checked ignored plug-ins — not there. I have forced a plug-in detection, twice — still no MasterRig.

I was previously using WL 9.5, and MasterRig was present there.

Running Win 10, updated.

Thanks for any help.

Did you install 11.1.20?

Usually a WaveLab update reinstalls any factory/stock plugins.

I’ve also had good luck manually deleting the plugin-registry.txt file in my WaveLab Preferences folder which will force a hard plugin rescan.

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Thanks. Yes, I installed 11.1.20, today.

I’ve performed a plug-in rescan (detection) using the standard method but have not been able to locate that WL Preferences folder that you mention.

Windows 10:

This PC>Users>(your user name)>App Data>Roaming>Steinberg>WaveLabPro 11>Preferences>

It’s usually recommended to back up this before changing anything

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Thanks. I see a “PluginSettings.dat” file, but not the .txt file mentioned above. Should I delete this .dat file? I’ll make a copy of it before deleting it.

I think that’s the OSX equivilent.

You were on 9.5 before correct? I would actually try copying the corresponding dat file from 9.5 to the 11 folder.

That .dat file that I mentioned is the only file in that folder with a name that’s similar to the one suggested above (plugin-registry.txt). Also, the only file with “Plugin” in the file name in the 9.5 folder has the same name as the file that’s in the WL 11 Preferences folder (PluginSettings.dat).

Re 9.5 … correct. So remove the one from 11 (to a backup folder) and copy the 9.5 to replace it. I have had to do this in the past in WL10

OK, so I just went ahead and deleted that .dat file, relaunched WL 11, manually forced a plug-in detection on next launch, and now MasterRig is available.

I didn’t copy the .dat file from the 9.5 folder, but it turns out that I didn’t need to do that because WL 11 created it on the next launch.

Thanks to Justin and Paul. :+1:

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Excellent news! Now that everything is working, you might want to make a backup of the entire Preferences folder.

@Paul_Rat_Blakey :+1:

Maybe it’s different on Windows but the plugin registry file I was referring to is in the Cache folder of the WaveLab Preferences Folder. See attached.

I’ve been having better luck deleting that when it comes to clearing up plugin scanning issues.

And it’s also maybe different on Windows but on Mac, you can choose the “Open Setting Folder” button to reveal on your computer where your WaveLab Preferences folder is. Also see attached.

I suggest making that folder a favorite/bookmark and backing it up somewhat often.

Thanks for the follow-up details and suggestions, Justin. In my new installation of WL 11 in Windows 10, the Cache folder with the plugin-registry.txt file that you’d mentioned is actually in the same folder (WaveLab Pro 11) as the Preferences folder (not inside the Preferences folder). To confirm, Windows does indeed have that same “Open Settings Folder” button.

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