MasterRig missing

Installed and re-installed WL pro 9.0 and then 9.1. Windows 10 64bit. The MasterRig plugin is nowhere to be found in the effects master section menus. Scanned plugins again, still nowhere … any ideas what’s up? PS installed Wavelab on an other drive partition, cubase 9 and tons of other stuff run well that way. Regs, F

Search in the plugin preference window, maybe.

Hi Philippe, its not there, done a search for a MasterRig.dll allover C:// and F:// (where wavelab resides in a separate folder F:! Wavelab 9 64bit). Might not be a .ddl was my first thought, so maybe a registry thing? A GP or permissions issue? PS i’ll try to PM a screendump PS reinstalled again, 9.0.0 build 528 shows no MasterRig too BTW. - thnx F

You can’t find its name on the hard disk, because it is integrated in some other file.
Please search in the plugin preference window.

According your PM the “Wavelab Plug-in Set.vst3” is listed with the Ignored Plug-ins listing. I found it in place where in should be, F:! Wavelab 9 64bit\System\plugins (in my case), so i re-scanned , but it doesn’t seem to load with WL9.1. I’ll look into it further, and it might be some permissions or GP issue maybe then; had some problems with that recently and other software, and also with the WL 9 installer. Thanx, F

This means, for some reason, the plugin can’t load on your system. A conflict somewhere, but how to know?..

I found it, “Wavelab Plug-in Set.vst3” was listed under the listing “Do not load the Following Plug-ins”. Thanks for your time and pointing me in the right direction ! Regs, F

Enjoy :slight_smile: