MasterRig problem

MasterRig, the Steinberg plug-in I use most often, no longer works on my MacBook Pro (M1 Pro, WaveLab 11.1.10). I make the desired changes, can hear them clearly and click render now (setting: direct). The file is rendered and the Bypass Master Section button turns red. The file, however, remains absolutely unchanged. Even in the history there is no sign that MaterRig has been used. . All other Steinberg and iZotope plugins work.


Don’t know if this is the case with MasterRig plugin
Did you try run WaveLab in Rosetta mode ?

regards S-EH

No, it runs in native mode. Strangely today MasterRig works again. The only thing I changed was to change my DAC to a new one.

It works with stereo files but not with one channel mono files. There the problem remains