MasterRig request


Any chance of updating MasterRig with an option to set the controls for “mastering”?
I would love to have an easier time to set the EQ in really fine steps. I never need +/- 15 db when mastering.

Same in the compressor. Let us have an option of fine setting the ratio, especially between 1:1 and 2:1
20:1 I never need in mastering. We have limiters for that…:slight_smile:

Hope this can be accommodated some time down the line!


And I know I can type in the values, but its nice to be able to set the gain in the EQ with the mouse wheel, but it’s way to coarse set up with the +/-15db as it is now.

Press Shift while clicking and dragging a button.

We also need the ability to load BOTH limiters into Master Rig. I started using Master Rig more for teaching my mastering class and it’d be great to load the Maximizer Limiter for increasing the loudness, and then also the brick wall limiter to control the True Peaks at the very end.

Unless I’m missing something, only one limiter can be used.