mastersection bypass midi command

I have always used a midi controller (cmc ai) to bypass the masterscetion using the f1 key.
But now I have to click the mastersection first for wavelab to respond to the controller message. Same goes for smart bypass (f2) and also the ~ key which I also assigned to the mastersection bypass just responds when the master section is ‘activated’.
This is driving me nuts… tried overwriting the settings with a backup, but still not the way it should be working. :cry:
Any ideas? Looks like something has changed and that made the mastersection (on a seperate screen, not floating) to respond differently.

I have noticed a similar issue related to the master section. The shortcut to Reset Master Section only works if the MS window is focused.

It would be nice if you didn’t have to focus it because it really defeats the purpose of having a shortcut for the most part.

Yeah well… the strange thing is, this was not the case before the weekend… but when I started up his morning the problem occured. :open_mouth:

I see. I haven’t tested it lately as I very rarely use any master section plugins but I know I reported it awhile back.

We’ll see what PG says…

Never mind… I deleted the prefs, put the backup in place and it’s working again the way it should. Still strange though that nothing has changed, but all of a sudden it stopped working.