mastersection presets

In the passed I used my mainscreen as wavlabe screen and the second screen for plugins and meters.
This week I changed this so that the main screen holds the plugins and mastersection (floating) and the second screen holds the mainscreen of wavelab.
All works fine, but I have one small issue and that is that when you open the masterscetion presets it shows up full screen, but the bottom section of the screen is not used, so you have about 10 lines of empty screen.
For the rest it’s functional, but its a bit annoying since it’s wasting space and you can’t see mastersection presets starting at let’s say R to Z.
Hard to explain, so a picture (alternate screenshot :mrgreen: ) of what happens.

Main screen is 1920x1080 and second screen is 1600 x 900 on win10x64.

BTW, it looks like the problems I had with shifting of the insert silence window is now gone with the swapping of the screen position,

PG, could you confirm this or did you see this post? It’s not a really big issue, but still a bit annoying.

I saw this post. But to be honest, there are bigger priorities.

yes, I understand :slight_smile:
Some more info, when the mastersection is mounted at the mainscreen it shows up as it should. So it’s just when the mastersection is floating or in another control-window.