Hello! When we open several tracks at the same time, is it possible to work with different Mastersections for each different track? I think the normal thing is to apply different complements and master configurations to the different tracks (because they are different tracks), but it seems that it is not possible, and the effects that we put in one are the same for everyone. I mean, the Mastersection is shared. I don’t know, but I think that there’s not much sense to that. For that we already have batch processor. Thanks.

You can store / restore a Master Section per audio file. This is done with the button at the audio file’s bottom right corner.
But this is, by design, a manual operation.

But did you consider the audio montage for your work?

Ah! I didn’t know that function. I think it’s not the best but work correctly. I go to try the audio montage too, to see. Thanks PG! You’re a value added to Steinberg :slight_smile:

I go to try the audio montage too, to see

You can insert plugins inside each clip.