Mastertrack visualization in waveform?

I have long been searching for an answer to the question: How can I see Mastertrack in cubase Pro 10.5 during the mixing
process as waveform in realtime?

  1. Is there this option - or a plugin that allows me?
  2. Can I use Cubase Pro 10.5 and Wavelab Pro 10 together so I work in Cubase while looking at the Wavelab analyzer?


You can see the waveform of audio tracks in the mixer. But in my view it’s a complete cheat as all you’re seeing is the rendered image of the waveform, not a realtime representation which would be so much more useful. So for this reason there isn’t an option to display the waveform in the mixer on the master channel.

There are however loads of plugins that do the job for you. Many of them are part of limiters which you need on the master track anyway. Fabfilter Pro-L for example.

You could look at s(m)ekoscope for something free.

Vps scope i think is free too.