Match Chord from Key/Scale


I’m new at Cubase 10 Pro - last time I used Cubase it ran on an Atari ST.
I’ve been using Maschine, Kontakt and NI Kmplete Kontrol.
There, if I want to use the Smart Scale/Chord features I:

  1. Define a Key-Root note/Scale, let’s say E Minor.
  2. Keyboard only plays mini notes on that scale.
  3. Then the Chord tool gives me only the chords that match this Key/Scale.
  4. The same for the arpeggiator.

So using this approach, everything is in Key.

I read the manual, watched dozens of tutorials but can’t find a similar way to do this in Cubase with Global Key, Chord Tracks, Transpose and Midi Modifiers. I enter a few chords on Chord Track but it then identifies different Scales (when the automatic scale is on). If I put it off, and I define a scale manually for the entire track there’s no way to force the Chord track to transpose to chords that match that scale.

My questions are:

a) How can I define a Key-Root note/Scale, let’s say, E Minor, so the chord track only shows compatible chords?

b) How can I just have one key/scale on the chord track so when I define all the other midi tracks to follow the scale/chord track?

c) How can I make synth arpeggiators follow the same key/scale?

d) Is there a way to map the white keys so they will play all the notes in the desired Key & Scale (removing all unused notes) - midi transpose and modifiers do part of this, but several white keys repeat the same note when transposing.

e) is there a way to import and existing chord progression to a chord track?

All the help you could provide will be appreciated.


I wanna know the same thing!