Match Quantize

In older versions of cubase there used to be a “match quantise” function. This was extremely useful for lining up melodies as well as drums and bass. Does a similar functionality exist in 7.5 and 8? Thanks.

Yes, but it takes a bit more setting up than the old “Match Quantize”. It is now done from “Groove Quantize”…
You select the source MIDI Part, then go to Edit menu>Advanced Quantize>Create Groove Quantize Preset.
This will become immediately available in the dropdown list of available Quantize Presets, so you can then apply it to other MIDI Parts. I can’t remember if the following was already available with the old “Match Quantize”, but you can open the Quantize Setup dialog for this Groove Quantize preset, and change the settings so that it only imposes the Groove’s velocity on to the new Part, or just the positions, or both.

ah…thanks for that. Is it possible to do from the arrange window by selecting parts or do I need to go into the edit window to do it?


From the Project (“arrange”) window, or from inside the Edit window, so long as nothing is selected inside there (it will always take into account the entire Part). So if you want to use, say, just the first two bars of the source Part, then Split the Part (you can always glue it back together again afterwards :wink: )