Match Volume LUFS in Cubase Pro

I want you to develope a"Match Volume" in Cubase Pro for us to easy set the right LUFS (-23 etc) as the Adobe Audition (Au) do in their soundediting program.
In Au theres in a function that is very helpful. Its called Match Volume.
You can put the same LUFS on all your track with just one or two mouse click.
If you look at this video at YouTube you will understand what I mean and this goes for not only Broadcasts, of cource you use it on all your soundmaterial, in film, sounddesign etc.
How To Make Your Audio Broadcast-Safe (ITU-R BS.1770-2 & EBU) in Adobe Audition
I hope this will be in the next generation of Cubase Pro.

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+1 for that. Maybe as a special offline processing plugin version

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+1 for mastering could be really useful!