Matched Mastered stems to stereo master, side-chaining output/track plugins?

So, I have a label asking for matched seperate mastered stems to the stereo master. This For TV and Film work. Back in my Logic Pro days I would side-chain the stereo pre master to the main output plugin (the premaster stems matched the stems pre master stereo mix by the way). I would then switch off the stereo premaster output (so it was silent). I would then bounce individual stems that would then use the side chained compression etc from the master output.

When importing the stems back into a new project, A/Bing the mastered stems would match the stereo master. Hope all this makes sense so far.

As Wavelab doesn’t have sidechaining, i have reached a stumbling block. Has anyone here had any luck with making seperate mastered stems that match the stereo master in Wavelab, is there a way to do this without side-chaining? I’m getting vaguely close, but not close enough with getting matched stems. Label wants perfectly matched mastered stems, which as of yet I cant figure out how to do in Wavelab 11.2. can this be done in version 12?