Matching Speed of Two .wav Files

I understand that Wavelab can “stretch” one .wav file to sync up with a second. I’m wondering if Cubase LE4 has that capability, and if so how? Here is the scenario:

Two digital .wav files of the same concert made by two seperate recorders. I can line up the start of the two files, but one drifts by the end to where they are totally out of sync by the end. Can I speed up the slower of the two files so that both files are perfectly in sync when combined? Thanks!

Never tried that, but I imagine its fraught with difficulties. Unless each recording is exactly consistent in speed/pitch there would be problems even in the file length were identical.

Digital recorders should not typically have any deviation from “normal” speed

Tape recorders are renown for varying slightly in capstan speed

If recorded on tape, there would be “wow and flutter”. This is the miniscule speed variation that is normal on every tape recorder. When recording multiple channels on one tape unit, the variations are in sync with each other as all tracks are impacted identically. Two separate tape recorders would vary at different times and lining these recordings up against each other (even if exactly the same length) would result in all sorts of phase-shift issues between those recordings

Just my 2 cents… FWIW