matching tempo audio tracks

I have a drumloop and I have recorded an acoustic strumming guitar. The guitar is not perfectly in sync with the drumloop.
How can I fix this.
I’m using cubase 7.5

Flippant answer: Re-record the guitar!

Tech answer: Use Timestretch (the third mode of the Arrow/Object selection tool) to stretch the guitar audio to the correct length to fit the drums. You’ll need snap turned off to do that accurately, more than likely.

There are several methods, besides the very best one, re-recording the GTR, as mentioned by djaychela.

You can try djaychela’s method. That could fix it if the tempo is just offset a bit.

If it’s due to lose playing in the GTR track, you can try quantizing the audio. Or slicing the loop up by its Hitpoints then quantizing. I don’t do this often, so I’d refer you to the manual

thanks for your reply’s

I’m a useless guitar player so when I really have to record acoustic (e.g. I can’t find a guitarist!) I do it in two passes playing every other chord and then join then together. This gives me time to move my hand to the new chord and get ready to play it. Works very well, you wouldn’t notice in the final comp.


I believe that’s what Steve Hackett does to avoid finger noise between chords, so you’re in good company Mike!

Hi All

Steve Hackett does that??? Good Grief, As an old Genesis fan, there’s something I just learn’t, wouldn’t have expected it but…there ya go!!!

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