Matching Tempos of different audio files


I am about to receive audio files from 3 different versions of the same songs. They were recorded with a click however, at different tempos. Being relatively new to Cubase I know how to match the project tempo to one audio file. IN this case though, I have to use files in 3 different tempos and end up with one tempo for the project.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Set (original) tempo for each file in pool and tick musical mode.

Apologies for the brevity…getting bored with this stupid forum logging me out and losing everything I just wrote in detail.

Thank you!

I tired that but, doesn’t work reliably - I have bits of vocal tracks, guitar tracks, keys, etc… all of which have to be edited among three different live takes and then merged into one project with a new tempo. Musical mode works for some things but not everything.