Matching VariAudio "hitpoints" to rest of project

Aloha, all the Cubasians.

Is it possible somehow to visually adjust AudioWarp points in a track so that you could see the other tracks at the same time (like in MultiTrack window)?. So that you could make for example vocals match the bassdrum.

I have to do some quite a lot of AudioWarping on vocal tracks (also bass) and currently it is just kind of a “try and listen” and then adjust a bit more even if it many times would be easier to adjust, say, vocals if you saw the drum tracks (bassdrum, snare, guitar…) at the same time. I hate this “hit and hope” kind of a characteristics that VariAudio currently has. There are plenty of examples more, I’m sure you can imagine.

AudioWarp is a great feature in Cubase but don’t you others also agree that it would be so much easier setting the “hitpoints” in place if you could see some other tracks also by your choice? I mean, what wrong would there be in that.

If it is possible to do it in a multitrack window, please feel free to enlighten me.

Pull your vocal track right under the kick track for aligning stuff. You have to use the sample editor though (and flip your eyes back and forth…), there’s no way of doing Warp or VariAudio edits directly in the project window (like for midi in context editor view).

Hope Steinberg will implement that sooner or later, it would make stuff way easier!

What you could try is: analyze your kick/snare tracks as well with VariAudio, highlight those plus your vocal events. You should see them all in one sample editor window in different colours. Never tried myself, just an idea.