Max Allowable CD Length Changed in 8.5

I record and produced CDs for a large number of classical concerts. Almost all of these concerts are greater than 1 CD in length.

To date, my method of working has been to do a montage of the complete concert, render the whole montage and end up with a montage that produces a CD file of say 110 minutes. I then use the “Basic Audio CD” File option to split the tracks onto CDs that are 80 minutes or less and call them CD1 CD2 etc

I now cannot do this as the maximum allowable CD length has been limited to 99 minutes.

I would be grateful if this restriction could be removed - it would make my life so much easier. After all, we’ve manage with it allowed to be set to 180 minutes for many releases now.

I have also brought this up to PG because I occasionally master live recordings that are longer than 99 minutes.

I don’t ever need to make a CD master these days, just generate WAV files, but I do like to generate a nice Audio CD Report from montages longer than 99 minutes. With the current situation, I can’t even generate a CD Report for montages longer than 99 minutes.


At which stage of your process, do you get a stop message about the 99 min limit?

Message is given at the point of rendering the montage with Create CD button ticked. The message that comes back is “CD is too long (according to what is set in the CD settings dialog)”.

If I then go to the CD Writing tab in the Global Preferences, the maximum size I can set the CD to is 99 minutes.

It’s true that the message could be avoided in this particular situation.
Then don’t check that button. But Render all CD tracks with the Render command (in one operation), then import all the created files into a new created basic audio cd. It will take a bit more time, but not that much.

I’d also like this restored as it was previously, as this is how I’ve generated overlength PQ sheets for various formats going back to Wavelab 4. Max available in 8.0.4 is 600 minutes, but 8.5 is only 99 minutes. Just checked Wavelab 6 and it was also 600 minutes.

Thanks PG. I can certainly get around it by just rendering the parts of the montage that would make up CD1 then doing the same for CD2, but I would really prefer not to have to do it.

Not too sure your method will work when you have splice track marks as each track would then show separately with default spacing between them. Haven’t checked this though

PG, will this be reverted (made longer again) in future versions? I’m still on 8.0.4 and didn’t know it had changed in 8.5. I’ll still need to generate timecode sheets with isrc for overlength (up to 2 1/2 - 3 hours) blu-ray and other formats in the future.

I am thinking of adding a mode to allow to be free from red book limits (eg. 99 min), but not simply reverting to before.

I also had a situation where I was mastering a long live concert that doesn’t need to be a CD/DDP, but I still wanted to generate a nice PQ report for it. Since it was over 99 minutes I can’t make a report.