Max MIDI channels usable by Expression Maps

Why is the highest MIDI channel that Cubase Expression Maps can address only 16?
Kontakt can handle up to 64 different instrument patches per instance, but the Expression Map in Cubase can only select up to 16.

There is no support for multiple ports in VST2. You can’t use multiple kontakt ports as a vst plugin. Expression maps or otherwise

That said, i do wish expression maps worked properly at least. Right now they’re really buggy

Multiple ports would be awesome. In REAPER, there’s this a thing called Reaticulate that’s a “expression map” style plugin that actually has much better features than expression maps. It allows multiple ports usage so you can have as many articulations assigned to a single track.

Midi 2.0 now has 256 channels, but until both Cubase and VEPro has that implemented and that could take years, we could sure use multiple ports assignable in the expression maps.

The other extremely annoying thing with Cubase’s midi channel switching is that it resets on stop. So if you’re one of those composers that like to play the articulations. This will drive you crazy. So until the articulation is actually recorded in the expression map’s controller lane, it will always reset to midi channel 1 on stop.

The expression map tab in the inspector is also very bad. It only shows a very small portion of the articulation names and shows only about 12 articulations before the need to scroll through and cant be resized vertically. Articulation selection by clicking in the inspector tab should also be possible.

So yeah, expression maps could use serious attention.