Maxed out Performance after Cubase 9.5.20 update

I am having issues with projects maxing out the performance meter and making Cubase 9.5.20 hiccup and glitch.
The same project runs easily on Cubase 9.0.30
ASIO at 512
PC Windows 7 Latest Updates - Intel i7 4790 3.5 Gh chip and 16 Gb memory - Gigabyte board with 2 Thunderbolt ports.
Focusrite Clarett 8 PreX Thunderbolt for its low latency.
The same project and not at all a big project, 2 audio tracks, running 2 virtual instruments, a few Wave effects and it runs no sweat on v. 9.0.30 and it maxes out v. 9.5.20.
On Cubase 9.0.30 I can reduce the ASIO buffer to 128 with no issues but on the latest update it completely messes Cubase up so I have to run at 512 and I still get glitches. Totally unacceptable.

This latest update has really messed up my Cubase.
I have been using Cubase since version 4.
Even Cubase 8.5 runs better. It’s become not worth it to keep on shelling $100 for the latest update only to have the program getting worse.

Hopefully others have noticed this and they will come up with a fix.

Your other post related to this was posted in a thread that had nothing to do with performance issues and was deleted for being off-topic.

This sounds like a system specific issue. Cubase 9.5 should run about the same as Cubase 9, but with improved graphics performance.

I would recommend contacting support, but also try installing the previous update (9.5.10) and see if there’s any difference:

Thanks, I will try that.
Yet do not see why the same system would perform so much poorly when the only difference is the Cubase update version with all else remaing the same.

There is no way for me to check that now because it has been deleted, but I got to that post by doing a search for “Performance” and my menory tells that it was a post about performance problems.
Maybe you just did not like that I expressed emotion and upset at continually spending money to keep Cubase current, yet experiencing a declining product performance. And do not get me started about all the other little but extremely annoying changes just for the sake to look cool and on par with trends, like ever smaller scroll bars, etc.

You posted here:

This thread was about the progress bar becoming stuck and never moving beyond a certain point when attempting to perform a Freeze or Audio Mixdown. This is likely caused by an incompatibility with his unusually old rig and at no point the thread starter complains about performance.

hey man have you found a solution?
just upgraded from 8.5 to 9.5.30 and I cannot run my projects anymore. it so overloaded it cannot even play a sound until I disable half of the project

I have same problem and my country (Czech) is next to Germany, but they don’t allow me to send support ticket. Can confirm it is 9.5 bug.