Maxima latency within Cubasis and other AU hosts (latency compensation on iOS hosts)

When using Maxima in Cubasis, there’s latency, the effected track is offset, and is very noticeable especially when using it on percussion tracks. I’ve gotten in touch with Fred, and he explained that it’s a host problem. He suggested I get in touch with @Lars about this. This is Fred’s response:

This is a host “issue”, outside iPad eco every hosts support this - it is a very basic feature. I suggest you to contact steinberg (lars) about it and meanwhile you can blend the signal affected with the mix button. To be clear enough this not an issue with Maxima, some fx needs to pre process the signal, some don’t. The concept of latency compensation is basically delaying other tracks to ge sure to have everything in sync.

I see no way to adjust/allow for this in Cubasis. Can this be handled in an update? I haven’t been able to use Maxima on any percussion tracks, which is the main reason I got it. I’m using an iPad Air 2, ios 12.1. Thanks for any help…

Here an image of the problem:

Channel 1 and 2 play a short hihat using NINE Classic drum. Channel adds an FAC Maxima AU as insert fx.
Both tracks were frozen to show the waveforms - the freeze of track 2 is 23ms behind, Cubasis does
not apply latency correction.

FAC Maxima correctly notifies the host about its latency (as seen in a dialog in AUM).


You can find the discussion about plugin latency compensation in various AU hosts at this thread of the Audiobus forum