Maximazing Cubase from taskbar problem

I had this on my old computer using 7 AI LE version and I have this same problem on my new computer in 10.0.60 version (Windows 10 Pro, 2004).

I minimize Cubase to taskbar. Then I want to recall it (maximize) back again.
I need to click into taskbar TWICE before Cubase maximize. Also when I “Alt+Tab” to Cubase, I need to do that twice. What the?
It that by design? If so, this is really crazy stupid.

Expected behaviour:
Click or Alt+Tab to Cubase instantly after first try as every program on the world does.

And yes, lately I am really upset about Cubase as I need to work in it more often than before. Some things are not good about Steinberg treatment, I guess.

Cubase Windows are minimizing and maximizing normally here.

Perhaps, are you using Video Player?

Generally not, but on occasion