maximising performance

i’ve got a question about choosing between 2 approaches to mixing w/cubase, in order to maximise performance in cubase 8.

suppose i’ll be putting a number of effects on the audio tracks of a given project, as well as using a number of vsti’s. i’ll also be using some of the cubase per-track built-ins, such as e.q. the effect usage may change drastically at certain points in the piece, for creative effects and such ; using automation, i’ll bring in an effect here, sweep the controller of another one there, etc.

so here i have a choice -

  • i can have a single track w/lots of automation to bring different effects in/out, vary them over time, etc.
  • i can have 2 [or more] similar tracks, but w/different clips [determined by the part of the piece], much less automation, and the effects preset to what they’d otherwise be set to through automation.

is one method better than another in terms of strain on the processor ?


More plug-in instances needs more CPU load. So from the performance point of view, the option with one track and multiple plug-ins is better.

From the “human performance” point of view, I would say the 2nd option is faster.

excellent, didn’t know it was that straightforward. thanks, martin ! :slight_smile: